• a play-date with your muse
  • participatory—everyone plays!
  • time-limited, giving you a short period to create a new piece of art or writing
  • a great way to get inspired by an art form other than your own

It starts like this:

Visual artists and writers get paired up and trade work. Each person sends their partner an inspiration piece—something they created just for this project or that’s taken from their portfolio of work. Using that work—a photo, painting, poem, story, etc.—each SPARK participant creates a response piece in their own medium.

The results can be amazing, so take a look. You can view all of the inspiration pieces and responses by clicking on each partner pair listed in the sidebar.

You can also learn more about the project and its history, and view the results of previous projects.

If you like what you see, or want to join us next time around, send us a note! We’d love to hear from you.


Note: All of the work on this site belongs to the person who created it. Copying or republishing of anything you see here is not allowed without permission of the author or artist.


One comment

  1. For Robert Haydon Jones:

    This zings. I’ve had enough hospital experience to (in hospital myself, as an ambulance attendant in college) to spot the authenticity in this story. Dark humor of the MASH variety gives it extra punch. I love this touch:

    O’Hara’s mind blurted, “You want my wife, effendi, I am highly honored, She is quite athletic and will come to heel after only minimal dispassionate beating. Please save me, then help yourself.”

    Do you know William Ernest Henley’s poem sequence (Victorian), “In Hospital”?


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